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Approved NVQ Training Centre

Cumberland Packaging has been an approved NVQ training centre since 2000.
We are one of only three independent sheet plants in the UK that currently operate this impressive level of staff training.
This centre approval demonstrates the national levels of competence required of our staff and underpins our commitment to our customers through our people.



Cumberland Packaging is proud to have had 8 candidates pass their NVQ in fiberboard conversion Level 2.
The NVQ program is open to all employees within our organisation and is designed to enhance their Skills and Knowledge in all aspects of the conversion process; from an in depth understanding of Health & Safety to Preventative Maintenance, Candidates' practical competence is assessed as well as their professional aptitude.
The overall result is that all of the successful candidates have progressed within the organisation and in one case this resulted in their appointment to Cumberland Packaging’s management team.

We at Cumberland Packaging see the NVQ program as an excellent way in which to ensure that we maintain a professional and skilled workforce whilst investing in the future of our people. This in turn is reflected in our quality of product and service which is passed onto our customers.


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